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partner programme

Choose a relationship that meets your goals.

At e-Solutions, partners are a valuable asset. We don't consider our partners an outlet for selling products, but a part of the e-Solutions Team. Around the country our partners work together to give customers the best experience possible in buying and using our products. In short - our partners define who we are.

The first step is determining which e-Solutions relationship best aligns with your company's products, services, expertise and business goals. e-Solutions programs are available to help you resell our product, solutions & services.

e-Solutions believes that partnership and the resulting synergies are the cornerstone of any successful business. Building mutually advantageous relationships that allow sustained business expansion and customer loyalty defines the broad scope of our Partner Program.

Sub - Registration Authority (Sub - LRA) The Sub - LRA is an authorized representative of e-Solutions who is responsible for:

. Administrative activities of collecting application forms and related documents from digital signature certificate applicants.
. Verification and validation of applications for authenticity.
. Recommendation to (n)code Solutions for issuance of digital signature certificate.

How & Who can be Our Partner Any organization or individual can apply to the Partner Program provided they are involved in any one of the following:

1. Chartered Accountants / Coompany Secretary / Tax Consultant / Advocates
2. IRCTC Agents
3. TIN FCs.
4. Already a Sub Dealer or Sub LRA.
5. Contractors

(n)Code LRA Programme Requirements e-Mudhra RAA Programme Requirements

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